Going for Team A

Going for Team A

Lucia: Coach O’Brian, can I talk to you for a minute?

Mr O’Brian: Sure, Lucia. What’s the matter?

Lucia: I want to be in the girls’ basketball team next year. What do I have to do?

Mr O’Brian: Well, you have to pass the test in October.

Lucia: I know. What do I have to do to pass the test?

Mr O’Brian: You have to train hard. Did you play basketball before?

Lucia: Yes, I always play with my four cousins. They’re all better than me, so I play with them to get better.

Mr O’Brian: That’s great, Lucia. I have three teams: A, B and C. You have to start from Team C. You have to show that you’re a good player. Then I can choose you for Team B.

Lucia: Do I have to be the best player in Team B too?

Mr O’Brian: Yes. Only the best players of Team B can go to Team A. Team A is the girls’ basketball team. Do you think you can do it?

Lucia: Oh, of course I can. Where do I have to start?

Mr O’Brian: Great! Let me introduce you to Team C.