Hi Sue

Hi Sue

Hi Sue,

I am very sorry I didn’t come to your birthday party at the weekend. It was also my older brother’s birthday, so we had a birthday party for him on Saturday. We listened to music until late, so we slept late. I took a lot of pictures of my family and our guests. I will send you a text message with some of the pictures soon. The next day, I helped my mum clean the house because it was really messy. Then, we went shopping because there was nothing in the fridge. We needed to cook something for dinner. After that, I was in my room for two hours because I needed to finish all of my homework, and I also did some research about wild animals. Later, my piano teacher came to our house. We practised for the end-of-year show, because I will be in the show. All of my family, friends and teachers will see me, so I am very excited about that.

What about you? Can you come and see me, too? It is on the 15th of June at the conference hall of my school. You can come with your parents. My family and I will be very happy if you can.

Please write to me soon,