How Life was in the 1990s

How Life was in the 1990s

Tom is talking to his older cousin Jennifer. She was born in 1979.

Tom: What was life like when you were a teenager, Zoe?

Jennifer: Ah, the 1990s. It was different. First of all, there was no Internet in most homes.

Tom: No Internet? How was that possible?

Jennifer: Well, we weren’t at home most of the time. Children were in parks to play games.

Tom: Were there video games then?

Jennifer: Yes, there were. But they were very expensive. My first video games were FIFA International Soccer and Super Mario.

Tom: Were you bored?

Jennifer: Sometimes. But there was a lot of free time. We weren’t online all the time.

Tom: Were there smartphones?

Jennifer: No, there weren’t. There were letters to send messages, Walkman for listening to music and TV for films and videos.

Tom: So, life was difficult then.

Jennifer: Well, maybe. But we were happier.