New in the Neighbourhood

New in the Neighbourhood

Betty: Hi, I’m Betty. I’m new in this neighbourhood. I need your help.

Paul: Hi, I’m Paul. How can I help?

Betty: Is there a library near here? I need to get some books.

Paul: Yes, there is a library behind that house.

Betty: Oh! That’s my house! That’s great. And is there park in this neighbourhood?

Paul: Of course. The park is in front of the library. It’s a small park, but I like it.

Betty: What about a swimming pool?

Paul: Well, we haven’t got a swimming pool here. But there is one on the main square. It’s opposite the tower there. You can see the tower at the square. It’s between the theatre and the shopping centre.

Betty: Hmm . . . the main square! Where is it?

Paul: I’m walking there now. I can show you.

Betty: Thank you so much.