Scarlett’s Help !

Scarlett’s Help !

Mia:       Hi Scarlett. Where are you? What time are you at home this evening?

Scarlett: At 7pm. Why?

Mia:       Sonia and I want to do the cleaning for the weekend, and we need your help.

Scarlett: Oh, but we never clean the house on Fridays.

Mia:       True, but Sonia’s flight is at 8am tomorrow. She can’t help us with the cleaning this weekend.

Scarlett: Huh, OK. I always take the train from the university. The next one’s at 6.30.

Mia:       Thanks.


At 7pm . . .


Scarlett: OK. I’m here to help. Where’s Sonia?

Mia:       I don’t know. She’s usually at home in the evening.

Scarlett: Oh, I know. She’s at the café. She often goes there for dinner.