School Festival

School Festival

Caitlyn: Hi, I’m Caitlyn, and today I’m at the school festival. Let's ask students some questions. Hi. What’s your name, and what are you doing here?

Paulina: My name’s Paulina Gerson. Today we're having a festival at our school. I’m one of the organisers.

Caitlyn: Great. How often do you have these festivals?

Paulina: Twice a year – in October and May.

Caitlyn: Do you do the same things in both festivals?

Paulina: No, we don’t. Each festival is different.

Caitlyn: What are you doing in this one?

Paulina: It’s the May festival, so we’re holding concerts and putting up plays. There are also cooking competitions. We’re busy from May 1st to May 3rd.

Caitlyn: You said you’re one of the organisers. Are you doing anything else?

Paulina: Yes, I’m playing the guitar for the Class 9 band.

Caitlyn: Wow! When are you playing?

Paulina: At 4pm, in the school garden. Come and see our performance. It’s free.

Caitlyn: Sure! I will. Thank you. Now, let’s talk to another student. Hi, I’m Caitlyn and . . .