To Jasmine

To Jasmine

To: Jasmine

From: Eric

Subject: Vacation in Sydney

Hi Jasmine,

We are finally in Sydney. It was a really long flight from the UK. We came here two days ago. We are going to stay for a week, so we have many days to discover this lovely city.

Sydney’s a great city. You know, it is in Australia. I am sending you a photo of the famous Opera House in Sydney. It is amazing! There are also a lot of skyscrapers everywhere. I am going to show you the photos when I get back home.

We do a lot of activities here. Yesterday, we went to a ferry tour around Sydney Harbour. We also walked over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The scenery was fascinating!

We are now at the hotel planning the rest of our vacation. Tomorrow, we are going to go to the biggest department store in the city. It is famous for its quality products at cheap prices. I am going to buy new earphones. I want to go to the gift shop tomorrow as well, but dad says we are going to go there the day before we fly back home. I am planning to buy you the best gift, my dear friend.