Vacation in Venice

Vacation in Venice

Michelle and her parents went on vacation to Venice for a week last summer. They were really excited to go there because it was Michelle’s dream city. The day they arrived, they went on a gondola ride, and it slid on the water under the bridges. It was a lovely tour. After that, they were really tired, so they went back to their hotel.

Dad said, “there is no subway, so we have to walk through the streets to get back to the hotel”. They walked and walked, but they couldn’t find the hotel! Michelle said, “I am really tired and afraid. Are we lost, dad?” Dad said, “I don’t think so, Michelle. Everything on this map is a bit difficult to understand. We will find it soon. Don’t worry!” They walked for nearly an hour, and finally found the hotel.

It was very hot in Venice, so dad turned on the air conditioner. It was over their bed, so it was too cold to sleep. Then, they opened the windows, but it wasn’t cool enough to sleep.

Michelle was still happy to be in Venice, but mom was not. “I am not comfortable in this hot weather. I can’t even breathe.” mom said. “We don’t have to stay here for a week. We can just stay for two days and then go to some other cities.” said dad. Michelle was even more excited now because they would discover more places in Italy.

The next day, they visited the small islands around Venice. They took a ferry and went to Burano Island. They spent the whole day hanging around. They enjoyed their time there.

The day after that, it was time to leave. The next destination was Milan!